What is LinkedIn all about?

You will learn:

► how to use LinkedIn, DOs & DON'Ts

► why you need a professional network and how to build one?

► how LinkedIn can help to grow your career?

What is Academic Talk?

Academic Talks is a series of highly focused talks that present the most important information about a specific topic to help you build necessary research skills.

Each talk will have a razor-sharp focus on a specific challenge you may encounter in academia. It will include tools, frameworks, and solutions that we have tested ourselves and that we use daily.

We put all our effort into creating short videos with easy to adopt outcomes and bonus materials that will enable you to become a successful academic.

Why you can trust us?

Motivated Academic Hub is a place where we can help you bring your research to the next level. We combine our business and academic experience to create simple, yet effective frameworks and tools that will help you to improve your productivity and quality of scholarly outputs. We also support your wellbeing, so that you can enjoy your work and stay motivated to push the boundaries of knowledge.

We know LinkedIn. Dawid, our academic coach, is an active academic aspiring to help others by sharing experience he gained as an academic, researcher, examiner and supervisor. Now, his professional network on LinkedIn hits almost 10k connections!

Magda, our creative coach, can help you to boost your creativity and productivity to the roof!

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What you will get?

We believe that acting on your learning is what gives you the results.

That's why we're giving you more than just an Academic Talk!

Have a look at the action-based activities we've got prepared for you. And that's on the top of the Academic Talk!